What The Tribe Says About Global Diving Adventures

Jerry & Susan BraetSusan Braet

Dear Carin and Ridlon – Thanks for ANOTHER spectacular trip. In the 14 years we have traveled and dived around the world with you and GDA, you have ALWAYS delivered a first class, top quality adventure experience.

GDA is the best. Your knowledge of the sea, its creatures and the sites we visit is unparalled. Your photographic skills and helpful instructions are terrific.

Your ability to handle anything that comes your way while providing a trouble free atmosphere for your guests is truly amazing. GDA has always provided us with a most enjoyable, professionally run trip. We look forward to traveling with you again soon.

Gordon SkiddsGordon Skidds

“Hi, my name is Gordon Skidds, and I am a GDA diver! These are the places I had never been before GDA and would never have attempted on my own; 5 trips to Tahitian islands, 2 trips to Galapagos, 5 trips to Palau, Chuuk Lagoon, Yap, Fiji, Roatan, Belize, Barbados, Bonaire; 10 Thanksgivings at wonderful Caribbean islands; Knew nothing about photography – Ridlon taught me underwater photography with the most sophisticated equipment available; GDA taught me diving skills from advanced to master diver during wonderful vacations, incorporating historical and marine biology presentations… I am a GDA diver and always will be.

Linda UjiharaLinda Ujihara

“Check out the smile on my face. How could you not smile when you are in diving paradise (Fiji) with dive guides/organizers extraordinaire, Ridlon and Carin? With Global Diving Adventures, it’s a given that you’ll see and identify every creature there is to see, learn as much as you choose to learn about the undersea world and have a ton of fun while you’re living in the lap of luxury. Diver heaven!

Richard HarrisRichard Harris

“Well, I have always thought that GDA might stand for god damn awesome. Meticulous pre-planning, personal attention, excellent accommodations and meals, and the best dive sites on the Blue Planet. Diving with whale sharks in the Galapagos was the highlight of my travels in the world.

Liz and Lee ReeserLiz and Lee Reeser

“You have truly made many people very happy throughout the year. Your dive trips are the best in the world. Keep up the bar way up!