Video: Scuba/Snorkel Fins..How NOT to look like a dork!

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February 5, 2010

Be wise when choosing and putting on your fins…Mantagirl gives tips on:
*full foot vs open heel fins
*when to wear booties

If you missed part one in this series on masks check this out.

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2 responses to “Video: Scuba/Snorkel Fins..How NOT to look like a dork!”

  1. Pelagicsal says:

    It would have been nice to have added that open heel fins are ideal for shore diving, as the bootie offers foot protection on shore and from submerged dangers such as sharp rocks, shells, and urchins.

    Full-foot fins are excellent for boat diving, since foot protection is less vital there. Full-foot fins have the advantage of being more hydrodynamic, so they more efficiently transfer leg power into propulsion.

    Happy bubbles!

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