Tribe Speak



For those tribe-sters who love to dive with us, here are a few words and phrases that have found their way into the Tribe’s vocabulary…..and we can’t seem to (or want to) get them out!

Who’s Your Dive Daddy?- No clue where this came from…but it found it’s way onto a t-shirt!

Brilliant! Must be spoken with a British accent and can describe anything on an expedition, especially if Lee Reeser is present! Often followed by riotous laughter.

Shameless Self Promotion – This end of week slideshow on upcoming expeditions has become the stuff of legends! Guests ask for it by name and are SO excited that often demand warrants it’s unveiling by mid-week!


Turkey Day in the Tropics – When the Tribe found out they had a way to escape the relatives EVERY year for Thanksgiving and not have to cook a turkey, this expedition became a same time next year club! This heralded event is now in it’s tenth year and yep, 2010’s trip to Saba is practically sold out! Even the one year Sharkman and Mantagirl couldn’t make the trip, some dedicated tribe members carried on the tradition!

Liz’s New Dress – A Turkey Day in the Tropics tradition involving the presentation of Liz’s new Thanksgiving dress, bring your camera!!

It’s the LAW – Refers to the reason for signing up for ANY expedition because It’s the laaaaaaaw!!!

Happy Diving Attitude – Something the dive boat NEVER leaves the dock without!!



Culture – You can’t dive together for over a decade and a half and not have some quirky culture rise out from it like a Phoenix. The tribe, for example, seems to have a fetish for toenail polish. Some paint the big toe with a diver down flag while others prefer Bora Bora blue on all ten. The men, YES, the men, all seem to prefer the big toes blue…..but they tell us it’s ONLY on expeditions! Mantagirl has continued to proudly display blue toenails for the past seven years!

Even local divemasters can get into the act. One divemaster in Galapagos who will remain nameless, realized with horror while driving into the dock one day, that his big toes were still painted blue. He immediately stopped the boat, poured gasoline on his toes and started scraping away with the knife, while we all rolled with laughter!

And blue M&M’s. What is it with blue? You definitely want to be sure Roberta or Marcia are on your expedition if you like M&M’s. We know that secretly the reason they rent dive gear from us is so they have room in their luggage for 15 lbs of those tasty, chocolatey, melt in your mouth treats!


And the MUSIC! Somehow, the 70’s music explosion arrived on a dive boat one day and never left! You just CAN’T start the dive day without, Love Train.


Be VERY careful if you celebrate a big dive number with this Tribe. We ALWAYS find out, and we ALWAYS celebrate, sometimes you are knighted with beer but don’t expect you’re actually going to get to DRINK it! Here, Sir Richard, becomes Sir Dives Quite a Bit as he hits 300!

Special occasion? You MAY or MAY NOT want to celebrate it with us…..who knows what may happen. However, we have had weddings, vow renewals AND even engagements happen on our expeditions. Some planned and maybe some spontaneous!