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April 20, 2010

Whether you’re taking a leisurely hike in a nearby state park, or trekking in the Himalayas, the key to having a great trip is planning ahead. You want the right gear in your pack, the right shoes, and even the right fuel for your body.

The best tip for a novice about to embark on their first hiking or walking adventure trip is to go with an experienced guide – we work with every new member of the Tribe to make sure they know what to expect, and are prepared for the trip, before we hit the road. A lot of information has already been included on this blog that will help you get ready, and we’re happy to answer questions and offer specific advice when we can.

Here are some links and tips from other experienced adventure sites that are useful when you’re considering an adventure trek.

Calories Count — Andrew Skurka is a 28-year-old adventurer who since 2002 has trekked over 23,000 miles. His website has great stories from his travels, lots of information on gear, and maps of his travels. What we found interesting, though, was his daily menu and calorie chart.   A lot of first-time hikers are surprised at the number of calories they actually burn on an adventure trip, so his guide to the 4,000-5,000 calories a day he consumers on a trip is useful and informative.

Valuable Video , Big Earth TV is a website put together by a team of British documentary film experts who have traveled around the globe filming amazing adventures for clients, TV networks, and movie studios. The site not only contains some amazing videos, but it’s jam-packed with tips on getting the best possible video on your next trip, no matter what your skill level or camera gear.

Practical Eco Travel — Jennifer Moore Stahlkrantz put together a great list of practical, earth friendly tips that cover everything from minimizing your footprint while staying at a 5-star resort to selecting an eco-tour that really is “eco-friendly”. It’s on the Gallivanting website.

Stories from the Road , World Hum   is a website that aggregates tweets, blog posts, stories, and conversations with bloggers, travel writers, and adventure travelers of every stripe. Check out the list of “Eight Endangered Travel Experiences”. Our favorite? “Getting lost in a foreign country.” (Sometimes getting lost can lead you into wonderful new adventures!)

Got any websites, blogs, or magazines that offer great trekking tips for us? Please share!

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