Top 10 Benefits of Guided Group Travel

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May 26, 2010

Are You a Good Candidate for Guided Group Travel?   You Might Surprise Yourself!

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A great group of friends enjoying a common interest in hiking while on a dive trip in Fiji

Is guided group travel for you? Or group travel in general? These days most people spend so much time in the office stressed out, they simply don’t have time, don’t take the time, or don’t want to hassle with planning a dive trip.   Sound familiar?   You just want someone to put the plane ticket in your hand, just show up and “go”.

Because of this, these days the benefits of guided group travel are even more well…beneficial than ever!   Let someone else lead the way, do the research, plan the trip, execute the plan and worry about anything that might creep up.   You just come along, dive, have a blast and thoroughly enjoy your vacation.   You don’t even have to call your friends to join you.   The friends come along with the package…..THIS is extremely cool!   New friends for the   asking!!!   And friends who enjoy the same thing you do.   Below I give you ten of the top benefits or reasons to consider guided group dive travel. Oh…plus one extra….gratis…

What are the Top Benefits of group travel?

  1. Often group travel is less expensive since “group rates” are usually available.   As well, being in a group there are often many added financial benefits like included cocktail parties, group gifts or a free night dive or something.
  2. Avoiding single supplements.   If you usually travel by yourself you are used to paying single supplements for hotels.   In a group situation you might be able to find another single to bunk up with.
  3. Activities. Often there are minimums for various activities or tours. Traveling with a group you don’t have to worry about these.
  4. Great social opportunities. We have travelers who met on our trips who now get together many times a year and have become great friends.   Many times, our guests will know 90 or even 100% of the others in the group so it becomes a “same time next year” thing.
  5. Private dive boats.   Having a group often allows you to have your own private dive boat and spend the week sharing great times.   You get running jokes going, meet for happy hours, and just have fun together. Having different people on the boat each day often means no comradarie on the boat so there just isn’t a vibe like in a group setting.
  6. There’s always someone to borrow something from!   If you need an ibuprofen or mask defog or even a pair of flip flops cause you blew one out, you’ve got a friend in the group.
  7. You share the joy of every dive together.   You know each other’s in water habits and can watch out for each other.
  8. You become a family and when you get home, you look over all the photos of everyone and remember what fun you had as a group.
  9. If you are truly a “single” you can find a great sense of belonging in a group environment.
  10. Having a guide along, gives you peace of mind that there is someone to handle anything that pops up while you go about the business of having FUN!
  11. Having a knowledgeable guide (like Sharkman and Mantagirl!) will add a tremendous amount to your trip.   For example, we have historical, culture and underwater knowledge of all of our dive destinations AND we have a great deal of fun teaching these things!

What about the jerks?

Many people are afraid of group travel in case they “get stuck” with Mr. Jerk or Mrs. Know-it-All.   I completely understand this.   But if you take a group trip based on a love you have like Italian Cooking or Horseback Riding or Scuba Diving you’ll find a group of people who have commonality.   You will find others that you can share your passion with and you’ll find great friendship and belonging in this.

You might not always want to travel with a group but if you haven’t before, give it a go.   I think you’ll find it a whole lot of fun!!!   In fact, come on along with us and you’ll be sure to meet some other cool divers and non-divers and make new friends.   You are always welcome!

What are your thoughts on guided group travel?

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