Ocean of Hope Foundation

What is Ocean of Hope Foundation?


In January 2009 Ridlon and I created Ocean of Hope Foundation.   The foundation exists for the purpose of furthering the cause of ocean conservation. Our path is a grass roots operation which initially supplies schools in ocean shore …

The Chef is Spitting in Your Soup

The Chef is Spitting in Your Soup


I’ve seen both sides of dive travel all over the world, both as a guest and for 20 years on the service/professional side working as a dive instructor, running dive operations and finally owning my own dive …

Friendships and the Adventure Job/Lifestyle

Friendships and an Adventure Lifestyle

I love my sister.   She and I have always been close and, except for the time when I was 14 and she was 9 and she had a crush on my “boyfriend”, we’ve never had a fight and as …

Living Your Best Life

In the past two weeks I have had more than a dozen people tell me, “Wow, you’ve got the best job in the world”.   I smile and say, “well, it’s not a bad office for sure”.

Ridlon and I have returned to work for …

The Gift of Summer

Summer always has a certain feel. It reminds me of the smell of the public library, when as a kid Mom would to pick out our summer reading books. After the difficulty of limiting my selections down to five or six, then I could …

Airline Baggage Fees , Are they ever going to end?

A Very Brief History of Airline Baggage Fees

They change so fast it seems you need to call even at the airport to be up to date!

United Airlines started the party in 2005 by instituting airline baggage fees but things didn’t go into …

A Place to Slow Down

A Slow Down Place

Small town Ohio where people come to slow down

Ok, so I’ve started this post about 12 times. There’s an important message here and I’m trying to get my head around it and pinpoint it. I think the message here …

Too Old For an Adventure Job?

Too Old for an Adventure Job?

It never occurred to me until recently to even ask if I was too old for an adventure job. Why? Because I’m not old, at least in MY mind. Old is awfully relative don’t you think? Twenty is …

Itchy for Adventure Travel?

I’ve got to ask this question, “Am I alone out here????”   Does anyone else have these damn itchy feet?

I don’t mean that I need some Dr. Scholls foot powder, no I mean the inability to stay put, the insatiable need for movement, the …

How to Choose a SCUBA Diving Destination

How to Choose SCUBA Diving Destination

There are many things to think about when choosing a SCUBA diving destination. Here we explore the key ones including:

Flying into Viti Levu in Fiji


Matching location with Experience

Time vs. Distance

What else Do I