Premier SCUBA Equipment Rental

Totally unique in the world of SCUBA diving, this program provides you with new, top-of-the line SCUBA equipment rental on your dive vacation.

  • Are you tried of hauling your SCUBA equipment half way around the world?
  • Do you question the reliability and maintenance of rental SCUBA equipment in third world countries?
  • Have you always wanted to use new, top-of-the-line SCUBA equipment?
  • Are the airlines charging you for overweight baggage?

What is unique about Premier SCUBA Equipment Rental?

We haul it, set it up, break it down, clean it and haul it home. We worry about airline baggage fees, loss, and broken equipment. You do what you came to do which is enjoy diving!

With Premier SCUBA Equipment Rental, you will use new, top of the line SCUBA equipment from Aqualung, SeaQuest, and Suunto.  The only time you ever touch the gear is when you put it on and go diving – it is totally hassle free.  As certified technicians, we are on hand if any adjustments are needed and you will never miss a dive due to equipment problems.

SCUBA Equipment Description

GDA offers gender specific BCD’s, designed for either men or women.  All BCD’s have weight integration and most use the revolutionary new Aqualung i3 inflator system.  Consoles are fitted with easy to use Suunto Cobra dive computers which allow you to take maximum advantage of your bottom time and make diving easy.  The dive computers are air integrated and nitrox capable.

SCUBA Equipment Rental Pricing

The pricing is set per expedition so you do not have to worry about hauling gear back to a dive shop or getting charged for extra days or travel days.  It’s that easy to let Aqualung, SeaQuest, Suunto and GDA help you travel and dive worry free!

Price Per Expedition:

  • $195 (one week)
  • $245 (longer than one week)

(Includes Aqualung Mikron regulator [or equivalent], Aqualung octopus, SeaQuest Pro QD i3 or Pearl i3 [or equivalent] with safety sausage and Suunto Cobra air integrated, nitrox dive computer).

For BCD sizing, please check the Sizing Chart

To take advantage of Premier SCUBA Equipment Rental, please indicate on your Reservation Request how many rental sets you will want and what BCD sizes (for both men and women) you will need.

Here’s to fun and easy diving.