The 10,000 Classroom Project

Ocean of Hope volunteer teams are visiting 10,000 classrooms and 1,000,000 children across the U.S. to spread the wonder of the underwater world. Our interactive message coupled with ongoing interaction and involvement excites & enrolls children at the 4th to 6th grade level to learn more about the Ocean, have an opportunity to snorkel or SCUBA dive and become ocean explorers and stewards. This grows a life long understanding, appreciation and love for the Ocean and its inhabitants.

Creating Future Ocean Stewards

Creating Future Ocean Stewards

Children don’t need to be told about Ocean conservation; they already get it and understand its importance. They only need an opportunity to connect with it and become involved. This is that opportunity, on a massive scale.

Making a Difference

The 10,000 Classroom Project has passed through its pilot stage with great success and is set for a launch on January 1, 2011. Phase I will start with a cross country tour and OHF going to dozens of classrooms while spending a week in each of ten major metropolitan areas in the U.S. One of our goals is to attract nation wide media attention. Phase II will be teaching and equipping an army of volunteer Ocean stewards across the U.S. to continue the project at schools in their local communities.

The Global Classrooms Project

Creating Ocean Conservation in Malake Fiji

Creating Ocean Conservation in Malake Fiji

Overseas, many schools lack the basic supplies or funding to effectively educate their students. In many cases, this is as basic as lacking a building, chairs to sit in, pencils to write with, books to read or salaries to pay teachers. There may be no greater enemies of conservation than poverty & ignorance. The Global Classrooms Project seeks to directly solve both of these issues at a local, grass roots level. First, we support basic educational infrastructure needs to create an environment where effective learning can happen. Then, we share the same message of the 10,000 Classroom Project through donated learning materials, thereby creating educated Ocean stewards.

How do we choose our Global Classroom Projects?

It’s where we’ve gone and seen a need with our own eyes. It’s where we have in-country relationships with local people and organizations that we can trust to administer OHF funds and resources effectively on an on-going basis. It’s where we have friends that we want to help.

Making a Difference

OHF now supports three community schools and over 20 classrooms in Fiji and Indonesia. Our generous donors have provided English books, chairs – the students lacked chairs so they would either stand at their desks or do their work on the dirt floor and a badly needed copy machine, including toner and paper, for reproducing student workbooks and exams which are unavailable otherwise.

News from our latest trip: we will be providing the school in Malake, Fiji with a generator – currently the school has no electricity. We have begun working with the community school of Ravi Ravi on Beqa and after an extended meeting with the headmaster, teachers and village elders, we have a large list of needs. We will begin by providing scholastic books and workbooks for students who have none. In Indonesia, the greatest need is to pay teacher’s salaries. The government there currently does not do this so eventually the teachers stop showing up for school. In addition, the teachers there need to be trained so we will be employing a temporary teacher trainer. For more details, please click here. In addition, we distributed 400 Project AWARE Kids workbooks. This is our primary teaching aid for Ocean conservation overseas and provides in depth and interactive Ocean conservation information. We also provided teachers with a teacher’s edition which includes expanded information and training.

Misool Conservation Centre

Photo copyright Tim Rock

Our other newest project is the Misool Conservation Centre in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. By working with Misool Eco Resort, we support the Djabatan school project and Marine Reserve Ranger Floating Library. As is often the case, the school on the island of Yellu was built but then funding for operations abandoned by the government. The school lacks funds for everything from pencils to teacher salaries. Our generous donors have provided badly needed materials for the students and pay for the salary of one teacher for the entire year. We also buy fuel for the ranger’s boat which is simultaneously used to deliver critically short books and supplies to schools while it patrols and protects the No Take Zone. That’s what we call a great project.

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