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The Ocean is getting hammered. We can see it all around us, although few understand the significant decline of Ocean health and how it impacts us all on a day to day basis. Because of our fairly dire situation, most modern conservation efforts have become a case of triage.

Getting To Know Local School Children

Getting To Know Local School Children

We are trying to fix the problem after it’s already happened and find ourselves constantly behind the curve. It’s like bandaging a wound that’s never going to stop bleeding. And while it is critically important to address our ecological crisis and stop the decline today, we need to be simultaneously creating change for the future as well. We need to change today what will be the root cause of ecological decline and destruction in the Ocean 5, 10 and 20 years from now.

The Ocean of Hope Foundation accomplishes this by educating tomorrows policy makers today. The creation of stewards is so important because it leads to the leveraged, independent, local action that will restore the Oceans health.

The Ocean of Hope Foundation empowers and enriches people by providing educational experiences and materials and where necessary, educational infrastructure. Poverty and ignorance are the two greatest threats to the health of the Ocean and OHF addresses both of these on a massive scale.

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