New Travel Search Engine Debuts

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February 9, 2010

A Danish company has launched the Internet’s first search engine for travelers. It’s called Momondo   and it searches hundreds of travel sites to find the best price on airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals.

You can’t book a flight, or make a hotel reservation with Momondo. But you can compare prices in a way that wasn’t available before. The comparison charts that let you see which date close to your selected travel date have lower fares are one of the most useful features on the site.

Also, the site is linked to Climate Care   so that travelers can calculate the carbon footprint for different flights or routes to their destination. Flying to New Zealand from Dallas by way of Vancouver, BC is less expensive than flying by way of Los Angeles , but it has a larger carbon footprint. So you can decide if the savings is equal to the tradeoff in CO2 emissions before you pick a flight.

This new search engine won’t replace a travel agent or experienced dive or tour operator when it comes to helping you plan that special “trip of a lifetime”, but if you’re a frequent flier who wants a fast and easy way to compare prices across multiple airlines and travel sites, it’s worth a try. Have you tried Momondo? What do you think?

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