Making Travel Easy and Fun

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February 15, 2010

This week we are beginning a 14 part series on making travel EASY and FUN.   Separately these posts will help ease the hassle of various stages of travel; together they create a recipe for putting the joy back in the nuts and bolts of your vacation!

Every day I hear people talk about how they love to go on vacation but that literally, “the devil is in the details”.   The hassles of planning and the actual “getting there” make a holiday so stressful, they wonder if it’s really worth it.

Well, the answer is YES, it’s worth it and yes it’s possible to make travel fun instead of stressful.   Someone very smart once told me that “suffering is optional“.   So put the fun back in travel planning and make even packing, checking in, sitting in the airport and flying part of your happy vacation memories.

Travel Planning Questions to Ask Yourself

*Do the words “fun” and “flying” in the same sentence seem like an oxymoron?

*Does the thought of planning the details of a trip give you a migraine?

*Do you feel that your vacation only begins, “once you get there”?

*Does the prospect of finding the right plane tickets, at the right price, on the right day overwhelm you?

*Do the words packing, jetlag, airport security and 10 hour flight send you running?

*Do you”just not know” how to begin?

If these questions hit home, read on for the next three weeks as we explore these topics and more like:

Having fun in the security line

I’ve arrived….now what???

10 hours and nothing to do

Will my spouse and I be able to plan and execute a vacation without a divorce?

Making travel days fun

Planning Your Destination

For this series, we will assume that you have already decided where to go on your vacation because that can be another fourteen part series (and probably will be)!   We will also assume this is a trip you will be doing by air.   With that said, here are a couple of tips that can help in that part of the process.

Have a Dream Day

*Have a “dream day“.   Flop out on the living room floor with my favorite bestseller, the Atlas, and make a top ten list of places you want to travel. If you plan to travel with children, invite them in on the process.   MAKE IT FUN! Stuck? Check out   If you are the adventurous type, check out

*Once you’ve decided the where, decide the what.   Ok, you’ve always wanted to go to Italy but to do what?   Hike in the Dolomites? Ride the trains? Stay in a villa at a winery? Go to an Andrea Bocelli concert?

*Take out a map of the region, plan your route to do the things you want to do in the country, the time it will take, the airports to fly in and out of, the mode of transportation you want to use in country.   Use the internet to help with things like distances between areas, cool things to do and places to stay. (   Be open to options you’ve never considered and be flexible!

*Declare which trip you will do in the next twelve months and put it at the top of the list.

*Decide your time frame in order to plan your budget, seasonality and that it fits in with your vacation schedule.   The trip can be outrageous but you do need to be realistic on some of these things to be sure the trip will work.

*Tell your friends and family that you are going on this trip.   The more people you tell the less chance you’ll talk yourself out of it for some silly reason! Hold yourself accountable and get excited!

At the end of the dream day, you now have a list of the top ten places and what you will do when you are there.   This allows the “dream” to have substance and be more real to you.   Put the list in a prominent place in your house.   You now have your next ten vacation destinations ready to go AND..   you’ve probably now realized you have a lot of the world to explore!

Part One

Tomorrow we begin our series with “Flight Planning”.   We’ll explore some tools to make booking flights, getting seats and using your miles easier….and FUN!

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  2. […] been writing and writing and writing about preparation for travel and planning and packing and lists and all kinds of great info on making travel easy and fun. Here […]

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