Let the Climb Begin! Update from Nepal

by: admin
May 4, 2009

Ridlon and crew have arrived at Namche! Here is what he had to say about the flight in…. “Visual approach is an understatement. Amazing flying up to the front of the Himalayas and then up the valley. The plane is 1000′ below the top of the valley walls. Landing strip slants up into hill to give you stop on way in and push on way out. Runway smaller than a Wallmart parking lot.”

About the hiking he says, “Two slopes here – steep and very steep. The vertical relief is incredible. Massive walls everywhere with tops of 6000M peaks sticking above them. We follow rivers because drainage is the only way you can make it through the mountains crossing suspension bridges when we get to them. First major crank today coming up to Namche. Left rivers and went up the “hillside” using 40-50 switchbacks. ”

Anyone want to join him in his daily workout??? Who needs a stairmaster??

Stay tuned, I will post photos as I receive them!

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