Join Mantagirl in Maine This Summer

by: admin
June 1, 2009

Anyone looking to take filming to the next level????

I am ECSTATIC to be ENROLLED in the ULTIMATE four week documentary film course this summer through Maine Media Workshops. It is one thing to shoot decent footage, but QUITE ANOTHER to create a complete package. I’m not talking about stringing together some sequences of shots but about telling a compelling story that elicits an emotional reaction from the audience. I want people to stand up, take notice, and ESPECIALLY take action for the betterment of our planet and especially our dying ocean. I am looking to create media that stirs both imagination and soul. It’s time to wake up the world!

Maine Media Workshop is the pinnacle of hands on learning in a gorgeous environment. Along the Atlantic shore of Rockport, Maine, it will provide the perfect “set” to immerse myself in a rich learning environment.

The class is being lead by Jack McDonald. Jack is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker who has written, directed and produced documentaries for National Geographic Television, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and PBS.

I believe that if we are not continually growing we are decaying. This workshop will launch you to the next level. Anyone want to join me????? Mantagirl

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