Home too long? How do you know??

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January 27, 2010

If you're lucky enough.....

My neighbor came by the other day and when he came into my house he was in hysterics. I chuckled with him and asked what was so funny. He said,” I always laugh when I see the plaque at your front door which says, “If you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, you’re lucky enough.” It’s hilarious because you’re never here!”

Only minutes before I had been thinking that it had been ages since we had traveled, which to us meant three weeks. Guess it’s all in the perspective!   I began to think about the triggers that signal the death sentence of an over-extended home stay.

So for all of you adventure travelers out there, those whose lives consists of airports, exotic locations and a stack of TSA notices, here is a list you can tack on the fridge to indicate when it’s time to bail……

Top 10 ways you know you’ve been home too long.

  • You begin to figure out which light switches turn on which lights in your house.
  • You actually care which side of the bed you sleep on.
  • You realize you have to buy groceries twice …in a row.
  • You have to change the oil for the SECOND time in the truck this calendar year.
  • You stop dialing “9” for an outside line.
  • Your neighbors ask you to dog sit for a few days and you actually realize you can.
  • You re-arrange the furniture in the living room after a week because you’re “bored” with it.
  • You finish the laundry.
  • You enter a pool for the NFL playoffs because you’re going to see all the games.

And the number one way to know that you’ve overstayed your welcome in your own house……

You wake up in the middle of the night and recognize where you are.

…yep….time to hit the road!

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2 responses to “Home too long? How do you know??”

  1. Shirley Stehr says:

    My indicator for being at home too long is when I go to my home airport to fly and the gate agents and TSA ask why they have not seen me for awhile.

  2. admin says:

    With you Shirley, I TOTALLY know that’s true! Great one!

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