Guided or Independent

Guided travel provides a huge number of benefits to divers which often include:

  1. Details handled
  2. A fun atmosphere
  3. Special group events
  4. Cool new friends
  5. Peace of mind that someone else is there to help with any problems
  6. Intimate knowledge of the area
  7. Ease of booking and planning
  8. World class expedition leaders

During the first decade we spent traveling the world teaching diving, thousands of people handed us business cards and said, When you start your own company, let us know, we’d like to go with you. This was the genesis of what we do today. Twelve years later, we have become a fun, close knit group of friends who love to travel, explore the world and dive together. Our family is way friendly, rockin good fun and at times a little wild. And here are ten other great reasons to join us!

  1. All destinations are inspected by Sharkman and/or Mantagirl before the trip and all expeditions are personally led by us.
  2. We have specialized knowledge of local dive sites, seasonal changes in the diving, divemasters, cultural activities, local cool stuff and can tell you the best room at any resort or yacht we offer because we’ve been there.
  3. We give fun and unique educational programs including slide shows/video shows and in depth talks on the area. Grab a cocktail and enrich your diving experience.
  4. We bring high end and video gear for you to use.
  5. Our expert knowledge of fish identification and behavior.
  6. Our cutting edge gear rental program. Use the latest and greatest from Aqualung, Suunto and SeaQuest. This is NOT your daddys dive gear! You call, we haul!
  7. We arrange private dive boats and dive schedules.
  8. We teach specialty courses like Tahitian Shark Diver, Historic Wreck Diver, Caribbean Conservation Diver, written and taught by us!
  9. Our Surf and Turf attitude, aka there’s more to a country than just diving.
  10. Our happy diving attitude and extreme passion for diving. Basically we rock!

Independent Travel

If you prefer independent travel or simply can’t make the dates of our guided adventures, you can still benefit from our intimate knowledge of an area and great relationship with resorts, yachts and dive operators. We can take care of setting up your vacation in one of our preferred resorts with one of our hand picked dive operators. We give you all the insight and super secret knowledge we have on the area! We know the best rooms at each resort or on each yacht, best times of year for each area, best places to go check out when you dry off for the day, best divemasters and other don’t miss stuff.

All you need to do is choose one of the following kick ass destinations

and then contact us.