Go Shark Diving

There are certain things in life that produce an automatic, deep in your gut, visceral reaction; seeing a dorsal fin slice through the surface of a calm ocean is one but having a close pass by a 3/4 ton toothed apex predator the size of a Yugo is something different altogether. It produces a rush, a major stoke, and sometimes the dive of a lifetime! Sharks are elegant, sleek, powerful, endangered and bad ass. They’ve had 300 million years to hone their hunters instinct and secure their place at the top of the marine food chain. When encountered on a dive they have a way of making us come alive. Maybe it’s because they give us a glimpse, a feeling of what it is to be wild again.

The logo for Global Diving Adventures is a shark because we are mad about sharks and have made thousands and thousands of dives with numerous species, all over the world. We actively promote shark conservation and offer cool educational insights on our guided diving adventures. Many of our diving adventures are designed specifically so we have the opportunity to see sharks often close up and personal. If this sounds like your definition of adventure then check it out and join us!


  • Schooling Hammerheads. How about drifting in the blue while hundreds of schooling hammerheads swim right past you? Dude, I’m there!
  • Night diving with hundreds of sharks. At first you think the glow of your dive light is making the bottom look like its moving. Then you realize the bottom is moving as hundreds of white tips swarm in search of sleeping fish. A multitude of glowing eyes pour across the reef and when dinner is rousted out of the coral, the melee is explosive! I’m all in!
  • Shark Free For All. How about a dive with numerous massive bull sharks and even a tiger shark? At one of the worlds premier shark diving locations, the big boys come out to play…and eat… right in front of you. To witness this event is to know why they’ve survived for 300 million years! Pick me for this one!
  • Sharks that EAT SHARKS. The greater hammerhead is the size of a mini sub and they eat 7 grey reef sharks for lunch …. REALLY! Check them out during the winter months deep in the pass. Get me in the water!
  • El Senior BIG. How about swimming with a shark the size of a bus? EVERYONE should have an opportunity in their lifetime to dive and swim with the whale sharks. At over thirty feet long, these plankton feeders will capture your heart…. and the entire frame of your camera! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!
  • Bring on the cage. When the great whites come out….we go in…Into the cage that is. It’s a dream to get up close and personal with one of natures most perfect predators. These sharks are huge. I’m your woman/man!
  • The Whole Enchilada. Want to see it ALL, all at once? Schools of sharks, pods of dolphin, flocks of diving birds and even whales? Jump in with us and watch them devour a kilometer long school of sardines. Whoa ha. Lets go now!

What if I’ve never done a shark dive before?

No worries, its what we do! Our recommendation would be to come on one of our guided diving adventures but if independent travel is your bag, email us for a recommendation.

What if I’m a veteran shark diver?

First of all, good on ya. You may be a veteran shark diver and may have even earned our legendary Tahitian Shark Diver certification. Look at the list above these are the greatest shark diving adventures in the world. Find one you haven’t done. Go there with us. Have fun!