Galapagos – Whale Sharks and Hammers and Whales OH MY!

by: admin
November 16, 2008

So how AWESOME was Galapagos? Just check out this little video clip. In our fourth adventure to the Ecuadorean Andes and Galapagos Islands, we found massive schools of hammerhead sharks, numerous 30’+ whale sharks, hordes of fishes – many of them endemic to the Galapagos, great weather, islands so enchanting that Darwin was inspired to write about them, penguins on the equator, fascinating native villages, horse back riding in the rain, Chivas in the van and a victory jump from the top deck of the Sky Dancer. Sound like a year’s worth of incredible experiences? We did it all in 11 days. As usual, the details were carefully planned, the boat and itinerary we chose were excellent and we were where we wanted to be exactly at the right time of year. You can see the results in the video and photos – and we could not have had a group of fellow adventurers that were more fun!

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