The Best Diving for Experienced Divers

If you are a more experienced diver, say 200 or more dives, you might find you want to challenge yourself both in the type of diving you do and the critters you are looking for. While beautiful reefs and calm blue water always make up a fantabulous dive vacation, you might, at this stage be seeking more of an adrenaline rush. Here are a few destinations that might get that blood pumping offering more challenging conditions and/or critters with more teeth!

  • Costa Rica and Cocos Island diving with schooling hammerheads, night dives with hundreds of hunting white tip sharks, cooler water, currents mild to strong
  • Galapagos Island diving with schooling hammerheads, massive whale sharks, cooler water, currents mild to strong.
  • Sardine Run, South Africa. The MacDaddy of them all, smack dab in the middle of the yearly sardine feeding frenzy including sharks, dolphin, whales and who knows what else! Blue water diving.
  • Palau. You can dive many ways in Palau from easy drifts to raging currents with big sharks. Take your pick or do some of each!
  • Fiji. Like Palau, Fiji has both mild easy diving and ripping currents that bring out the most spectacular soft coral kaleidoscope you’ve ever seen.
  • Tahiti and Bora Bora. There are extremely exciting dives in the passes of the Tuamotu islands with blue water drifts in the midst of hundreds of grey sharks, times of the year to find the greater hammerheads at 150 and close encounters with 9-11 foot lemon and silver tip sharks. What a ride!
  • Malaysia and Sipadan. Once you have a few hundred dives under your weight belt, many divers want to take up new diving hobbies like photography or videography. The islands of Mabul/Sipadan offer great opportunities to learn about life behind the lens underwater. From crocodile fish to hundreds of bumphead parrot to turtles landing on you, you’ll never tire of pointing your camera here! There’s world class macro here that hardly ever gets talked about.
  • Maldives. During the right time of year, big critters take the stage here with the gathering of the manta rays and whale sharks.
  • Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Great white shark cage diving. Need we go on!
  • Bali and Indonesia. Aka…dive mecca of the world. Here within the 17,000 islands of the heart of the coral triangle, the birthplace of biodiversity, you can spend a lifetime and only scratch the bottom! From the reef to the muck you’ll never ever get enough.