Best diving destinations with a landloving spouse/partner

We cater specifically to couples where one is a diver and one is not and typically 20-50% of the guests that travel with us are not divers. And why shouldn’t this be the case? After all, most of the best destinations in the world for diving are exotic, interesting, beautiful and filled with great things to do topside as well. The simple yet often overlooked key is to not produce “dive widows” and make it fun and interesting for everyone. With a little care and attention, this isn’t hard to do.

A typical day with us includes two world class dives in the AM and then back for a late lunch with the balance of the day open for more adventure or just chilling out. We often have amazing snorkeling opportunities for those that are interested and some spouses just like to hang out on the boat in the AM and enjoy being on the water and catching some sun. Other’s relax on the beach, at the pool or at the spa. Everyone usually rendezvous around happy hour and enjoys dinner and any evening activities together. Sound great? It really is.

One situation we would advise landloving spouses to avoid is going on a liveaboard dive boat. These trips seldom spend much time on land and there is little to do onboard other than dive or talk about diving – not the greatest combo for someone that doesn’t dive.

Another situation to avoid is diving more than three dives per day. The landloving spouse will never see the diving spouse and that isn’t the recipe for an awesome vacation.

With all that said, here are some great places for divers with a landloving spouse/partner. Click on a destination to find out more.

  • Belize – Snorkeling, manatee watching, maya ruins, boobie sanctuaries, jaguar sanctuary, black water rafting, craft markets and nice beaches. It all depends on where you stay but Belize is heavy on adventure and activities. The offshore islands like Turneffe will be very quiet and relaxing but without a lot of activities.
  • Bali and Indonesia – Bali is the king of culture and crafts and you could spend weeks just doing those two things. The more remote islands of Raja Ampat have great snorkeling, local villages and quiet and relaxation.
  • Fiji – Incredible culture with warm people. Zip lining, white water rafting, village visits, local crafts and excellent snorkeling depending where you stay.
  • Galapagos – It is tricky here because you need to be ship based to see the best of the islands but most liveaboards spend at least 60% of the time up at Wolfe and Darwin Islands where it is impossible to go ashore. There is interesting birding and phenomenal snorkeling when the seas are calm enough. We once had a group of snorkeling in the water with over 200 hammerhead sharks swimming only 15 feet below them.
  • Maldives – Just look at the pictures. This is Robinson Crusoe paradise only upscale. What’s not to like?
  • Malaysia and Sipadan – Beautiful overwater resorts, excellent snorkeling, warm people and fun villages.
  • Bora Bora and Tahiti – Visually stunning and unabashedly romantic. Snorkel or swim right off your own overwater fare (bungalow).
  • Palau – There is tons of stuff to do here including snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake, evenings at great restaurants in town, craft markets, war memorials, snorkeling and some nice beaches.
  • Little Cayman – This is quiet, old school Caribbean. If you want to destress, this is a great place. Grab a bike and ride around the island.
  • Saba – Hiking, birding, history and fun people. Theme nights at different restaurants and nice snorkeling.
  • Bonaire – Snorkeling, Washington National Park, mountain biking, progressive happy hours and Love’s Ice Cream. Numerous good restaurants.