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Coconut Bar - Young Island, St. Vincent

St. Vincent is the largest island in the chain that composes St. Vincent and the Grena-dines and still has an active volcano, La Soufriere. St. Vincent is most noted by movie aficionados as the place where Pirates of The Caribbean was filmed which makes many females swoon thinking of Johnny Depp on a small island! Among divers, St. Vincent is known as an incredible location for macro or critter diving. In that volcanic sand lies many weird and wonderful creatures and if you are patient and meticulous they can be uncovered.

St. Vincent Facts

If you want cool things to do on St. Vincent, check out the next section. If you are look-ing for facts and figures, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Vincent_%28island%29


The adventure life comes in many styles on St. Vincent! Some of our favorite things to do on St. Vincent include:

  1. Dive Dive Dive. Scuba Diving on St. Vincent is our favorite thing to do!
  2. Charter a Sailboat. Many charter boat operations exist on St. Vincent and you can take a day or a week and sail the islands of the Grenadines. One of our favorite is sailing to Mustique Island to view the magnificent homes and have a tasty lunch and a cold Hairoun beer at Basil’s.
  3. Go Birdwatching. St. Vincent boasts 174 species of birds of which four are endemic meaning found nowhere else on earth including one parrot!
  4. Hike the Volcano- Take a 2 1/2 hour hike to the top of La Soufriere volcano at over 4000 feet. You can even hike into the crater or circumnavigate the rim! All this will will take about 7 hours including the hike back down.
  5. See the Waterfalls Swim in the cool freshwater pools at Baleine falls or hike to Dark View, a double waterfall system.
  6. Come for Carnival!- Summertime is the time for Carnival in St. Vincent! Come on and join the party!
  7. Visit movie scenesWallilabou Anchorage was the scene for the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean. If you are a fan, you can visit the sets. Ok, this may be less adventurous and a bit more touristy but hey, it’s fun just as well!
  8. Go Whale Watching!
  9. Visit the Botanical Gardens- The oldest in the western hemisphere, these beautiful gardens founded in 1765 sit on 30 acres and contain many exotic plants and trees.

St. Vincent Seasonality

Like many Caribbean islands, St. Vincent sees most of its rain from July to November and helps keep this volcanic island lush. The northern peaks are often clouded over and like most high islands, most of the rain falls on the mountains. The southern part of the island is drier because of this.

Some of our favorite St. Vincent Island scuba diving sites include:

  • Diving on St. Vincent is all about critters. Yes, it has reefs with all the typical Caribbean fishes but it also has amazing critters hidden in sandy coves and rubble. We don’t go to St. Vincent for stunning reefs, we go for those unusual hidden gems.
  • Coral Castle is just a short distance from shore. Sponges and gorgonians cover hard coral struc-tures and seems to be home of sea horses, many species of basslett and other fascinating tiny creatures. The reef drops down to about 125 feet to the sand.
  • New Guinea Reef- Here if you drop down to deeper depths outside the reef you can find beautiful black corals, whip corals, sponges and gorgonians.
  • The Semistrand- a 120 foot coastal freighter and remnants of other wrecks nearby.
  • Bottle Reef- For something different check out Bottle Reef below Ft. Charlotte with its interest-ing collection of rum and gin bottles.
  • But our favorite place to dive on St. Vincent is to just drop into the shallow volcanic sand and hunt for exceptional critters like snake eels and batfish. It can keep us happy all day long!

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