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The Cayman Islands in the central Caribbean have been known as a scuba diving mecca for decades. We too, enjoy diving there but prefer the quiet of Little Cayman to the bustle of Grand Cayman’s cruise ships and Taco Bells. Bloody Bay Wall on the windward side of the island provides the best diving in all of the islands with a spectacular drop off to 3000 ft. This is TRUE wall diving and we prefer within a short ride on our dive boat to these magnificent sites. Scuba diving the Cayman Islands is one of our favorite Caribbean destinations!


The adventure life comes in just a few styles on quiet Little Cayman! Some of our favorite things to do in the Cayman Islands include:

  1. Visit the Red Footed Booby Reserve. A 206 acre UNESCO World heritage site, this is the largest breeding ground in the western hemisphere. Other birds such as the magnificent Frigate Bird, Egrets, Herons, West Indian Whistling Ducks, and Black-necked Stilts also reside here. There is an observation deck and three scopes for viewing.
  2. Kayak or Swim to Owen Island. It’s quiet and peaceful way to “get away” from the quiet and peacefulness of the island, ha!
  3. Rent a Bike-The island is just 10 miles by 1 mile so you can’t bike too far but it’s the best speed at which to see the island.
  4. Check out the stores!Right. This is a small island so options are limited!
  5. Hermit Crab Races- Are we stretching it here????? Yes, diving and relaxing are the main attractions on Little Cayman.
  6. Meet the Locals.Population 150….this shouldn’t take long but can result in great stories!
  7. Dive Dive Dive

Little Cayman Seasonality

Little Cayman enjoys the same seasonality as most of the Caribbean and is definitely located inside the hurricane belt. We had to postpone a November trip one year due to the damage from Hurricane Ivan. The resort emailed, “We seem to be missing four bungalows and one of our dive boats. Could you kindly re-schedule?” December-February can bring windy and choppy conditions. Summer is usually calm but hot and rainy season in early fall. June 1 to Nov. 1 is officially hurricane season and generally they arrive later within this window.

Some of our favorite Cayman Island scuba diving sites include:

  • Bloody Bay Wall- All of the dive sites along this incredible wall are outstanding. Just start at one end and hit them all! Resorts are on the leeward side of the island so its usually just twenty minutes or so to the moorings!
  • The Keith Tibbetts- This russian frigate was sunk in 1996 as a deliberate dive site on the north side of Cayman Brac and can be accessed from Little Cayman. It sits in 50-100 feet of water with plenty of aquatic life to keep you occupied! It’s a bit of a run from Little Cayman but a fun change of pace.

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