If you don’t love wrecks, you will after you dive here seriously. The wrecks themselves are accessible in relatively shallow, warm and clear water.

There’s history, great fish life and many of the wrecks are adorned with lush coral. There’s something for everybody diving here but the scale of these ships and their history will capture your imagination.

Resorts/Yachts/Dive Ops

Our Favorite Dive Yacht in Truk Lagoon -The Odyssey

The dichotomy of life and death is everywhere in the wrecks of Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon. You can feel history as you swim through the ships. The gas mask next to an anemone or a broken tea cup with a chromis swimming in and out of it. It’s erie for sure, and fascinating. It’s one of the top wreck dive destinations of the world.

While it is possible to dive Truk land based, boat based is by far my preference for a number of reasons from everything from safety to convenience to luxury level. My yacht of choice is the Odyssey. Lenny and Kara Kolczynski put their heart and soul into this boat and it shows. They no longer run the boat on a day to day basis as they have just adopted two children and are enjoying life on land in Colorado but they are still at the helm of the company.

Diving from land at Truk involves long, wet rides to the dive sites and basic accommodations. Diving from a liveaboard allows you to stay on the wreck site all day for multiple dives, diving straight off the mother ship. For me, it really is the only way to dive the wrecks of Truk.

From http://www.trukodyssey.com/

Dive with Odyssey Adventuresto see the ghost fleet of Truk Lagoon, the world’s best shipwreck destination. That’s only the beginning of your adventure. You’ll see an abundance of incredible tropical fish, anemones, gorgonians and eagle rays.
The Odyssey, a 132′ air-conditioned live-aboard vessel has spacious rooms, private ensuite facilities, and a large entertainment lounge. All meals and beverages are included and so is the nitrox. With small groups of only 16 guests, you’ll make friends quickly and forever.

Overall Feel of the Odyssey Liveaboard

The Odyssey is a large vessel at 132′ so having just 16 divers gives plenty of space. There is a large main salon with bar as well as a separate TV/movie room and camera area. Cabins are also quite spacious though the furnishings are not luxurious. The boat has a comfortable, welcoming feel and great public spaces.

Dive boat Spec Highlights

  1. 132 feet long for just 16 divers
  2. 24 foot beam
  3. Diving done from the mother ship
  4. Boat ties up directly to wreck so you’ll always find it!
  5. Separate entertainment area on board
  6. Spacious cabins and public areas
  7. 6 14′ x 8′ cabins, 2 private single cabins and one double/bunk cabins 10′ x 9′
  8. Free nitrox

The Liveaboard Experience in Truk Lagoon

The wrecks of Truck lagoon were sunk in 1942 during operation Hailstorm. That means that they have been there for over 60 years rotting away. I think the time will come sooner rather than later that we start to see these ships deteriorate to a point of being unsafe to enter. At the moment there are many ships you can penetrate in Truk. My advice would be to go sooner rather than later.

As a diver, it is one of those must do places. I am not a wreck diver in my heart. I prefer the natural history to the human. On my first trip to Truk there was a group of testosterone boys who wanted nothing more than to get to the engine rooms. I kind of rolled my eyes and said, “have at it, I’m going to see the fish”. But after the first couple of dives, the ships themselves started to pique my interest and I found myself listening closer to the history lesson and paying more attention to where the trucks, planes and tanks were located. I started poking my head into engine rooms. I became fascinated with these wrecks. Don’t sell yourself short by saying you’re not into wrecks. I ate those words after my first trip!!!

The Boat

As mentioned, one of the Odyssey’s big advantages is size vs guest. At 132′ she is quite spacious for 16 guests and has separate areas to get away. It can be quite annoying if you have a guy (sorry but it’s usually a guy) who wants to do nothing but watch bad movies at high volume when he’s not diving and there’s no way to get away from it and him! On the Odyssey, the TV room is separate from the main salon.

There are six large cabins and while they are not luxuriously appointed, the size feels good. They do not have large picture windows but that’s ok. The other three cabins are definitely smaller so be careful to book the cabin you want specifically.

The Odyssey had a refit in 2008 and I have not been on board since the refit.

Nitrox and alcohol is included in the still reasonable price of $2995 for 2010 with only $100 increase for 2011 and 2012. Do note that 5% tax is not included nor your $30 dive permit.


The one disappointment for me on board was the food. I know that it is difficult to get a lot of supplies in Truk and I found myself wishing for things. For instance, I have no idea what is done with all the white meat chicken in Truk but it doesn’t seem to exist. Fresh veggies were also noticeable by their absence. However, for me, diving trumps all and I would rather have a great dive operation than haute cuisine. Of course both is nice!

The Operation

There are not many liveaboards these days that dive off the mothership. The Odyssey has a great advantage here. Except for one day of shark diving, all diving in Truk Lagoon is done….in the lagoon so it is mainly calm all the time. This means that the mother ship does not have to go and hide somewhere in a bay and run divers to the dive site by panga. They simply tie up to a mooring over the top of each wreck and you stay there for the day.

The water is clear enough that you can see the shadow of the wreck below you and as the boat swings over the wreck you simply giant stride off the back. You are free to dive on your own and explore the wrecks or ask a guide to take you. Profiles are simple as you work your way up and down the wreck and then up one of the mastheads into shallow water as your bottom time is used up. Then look up and wait for the Odyssey to swing over the top of you and grab the deco bar at 15′ for your safety stop. The staff is on hand to help you at the dive deck with your gear and cameras when you surface. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

One day of the week, the Odyssey goes outside the lagoon into the clear blue water for a shark dive. It is well done and safe as the grey reefies and silvertips come in to feed. It’s nice to have one day in the clear clear water as the lagoon is typically in the 60′ vis range.

Nitrox is included in your price and they blend to 30% to give you the MOD to get down to some of the deeper wrecks with longer bottom times. They are also set up for technical diving.

Briefings are very thorough on the Odyssey including the history of each wreck, where to and not to penetrate and where to find all the cool stuff.


If you want to dive Truk, dive the Odyssey. It’s a good, safe and honest company owned by a couple who have put their hearts into it. You are not going to find anything land based that’s comparable and barely suitable.

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