If you don’t love wrecks, you will after you dive here seriously. The wrecks themselves are accessible in relatively shallow, warm and clear water.

There’s history, great fish life and many of the wrecks are adorned with lush coral. There’s something for everybody diving here but the scale of these ships and their history will capture your imagination.

Getting There

Getting There- Truk (Chuuk)

Getting to Truk (Chuuk) in…well a couple of steps. Continental still has a stranglehold on into Truk.  Therefore, I think it’s easiest to simply fly continental all the way.  You can fly from most major gateways to Honolulu, then catch the to Guam and onward to Truk.


  1. Fly to Honolulu
  2. Fly to Guam
  3. Fly to Truk (Chuuk), Federated States of Micronesia

Your final destination is Weno, Truk (TKK).

You can find out of most cities which tie in with major gateways to Honolulu.