Our St. Vincent adventure was one of the best ever. Not only were the accommodation well above average, along with the food, the diving was second to none.

The water was always calm and clear. The dive sites were a very short boat ride from the resort and the weather could not have been better.

Took my son and his young baby with us. Really enjoyed the plunge pool in our room. The best.
~ Peter & Ginny Fisher, Founding members since 1999

Getting There – St. Vincent

Getting to St. Vincent is not difficult if you know the best gateways. You can easily get caught up on island hoppers that will take you all day to reach your final destination. We recommend that you fly either to Barbados (BGI) or St. Lucia (UVF). Then it’s a simple one hop to St. Vincent. San Juan usually requires and overnight and Trinidad is rather out of the way.

You can fly to Barbados with American, US Air and in the winter on Saturdays with Delta. Check with Air Jamaica for their most up to date itinerary. Fly non stop from NY, Philadelphia, Atlanta(wintertime on Delta), Miami and North Carolina.

Fly to St. Lucia from the US on American non stop from JFK or Miami. US Air begins service in 2011 from Charlotte and Philadelphia though not daily. Delta provides service from Atlanta during various times of the year and Jet Blue flies 5x a week from JFK.

to St. Vincent route through:

Barbados; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Lucia; or Trinidad. The most common routes from outside the Caribbean come through Barbados and San Juan. Scheduled and chartered to St. Vincent can be reserved through: LIAT, Mustique Airways, and SVG Air.

Your final destination is St. Vincent (SVD).