Saba was amazing, different from what we expected. It’s a volcanic island jutting out of the Caribbean. From St. Martin we took a small turbo-prop and landed on a tiny strip shorter than an aircraft carrier.

The island is authentic with Dutch cottages and natives who have lived there for many generations. Because there are no beaches, the specialty is DIVING. The Sabans have protected their reefs and the results are amazing. Volcanic underwater pinnacles host healthy corals and abundant fish life. Frog fish and seahorses were our favorites.

Accommodations at Queens Garden were luxurious, a bit remote from the action on the funky Windward side of the island. But it’s all a cab ride away. All in all, truly an unspoiled Queen.
~ David and Sue Metzner, Founding members since 1999.

Resorts/Yachts/Dive Ops

Our Favorite Dive Resort

Our Favorite  Saba Dive Operator


Our Favorite Dive Resort- Queen’s Garden

Info coming soon.

Our Favorite Dive Operator -Sea Saba

Saba is not a big island and with a population of just 1500 people, it doesn’t support many dive businesses. There are no regular live aboards that ply the waters so dive sites are uncrowded and healthy.

There are currently three dive operators, Saba Deep, Saba Divers and Sea Saba. Saba Divers is associated with Scout’s Place Hotel which is a more backpacky type place and we have not dived with them. They appear to cater more to a European crowd as the owners are German. Saba Deep has been bought by Tony and Cheri Waterfield and they are working hard to bring this dive center to it’s full potential. I enjoyed diving with them.

Our operator of choice is Sea Saba. Lynn and John have been operating this dive center for over 20 years. Lynn is truly the island leader in making Saba diving what it is today through her innovative conservation initiatives and smart business sense. The program Lynn founded, Sea & Learn, bringing renowned naturalists, scientists and academics to the island, has blossomed into an unprecedented event each October. The center originally came recommended through a friend and we have not been disappointed.

The Facility

Sea Saba has two locations so to speak. They have a beautiful dive shop in Windwardside with a large selection of gear, gadgets and island wear. Lynn efficiently organizes your diving, your pick ups to the boat and will give you the schedule of nightly specials at all the restaurants. If there is anything you need or need to know about the island, Lynn has it all organized before you even ask! Sea Saba is also recognized as a National Geographic Dive Center and PADI 5 Star Dive Resort.

Down at the harbor, all three dive centers have a presence. Its where all the boats are located, and the inner workings happen. Its the sound of compressors and clanking tanks and the beautiful smell of neoprene! Only Saba Deep has a restaurant down at the harbor but everyone is welcome to come for lunch. All three shops are basically next to each other.

Saba Resorts/Yachts/Dive Ops

The Boats

Sea Saba operates two 40 foot boats, the Giant Stride and the Sea Dragon. Each boat is customized for diving and rated for 20 divers but they limit the number to only 10. They are well suited to the dive conditions of the island.

The boats are convenient to dive from, easy on and off, plenty of space for dry storage, shade when you want it and seating available on the flying bridge.

Safety and the Environment

The boats have all required safety equipment and are maintained well with the environment in mind. Saba is a marine park with strict regulations. Dive operators know that taking care of their marine environment will not only protect the ocean but their livelihoods as well.

The Dive Operation

Sea Saba runs an efficient and safe operation, allowing for customization and flexibility for groups all in a fun environment. Divemasters give complete briefings and are knowledgeable about water and weather conditions.

A taxi picks you up from your hotel and brings you to the waterfront where the dive staff has the boat ready. They maintain a more relaxed dive departure time of around 9:00 each morning instead of militaristic adherence to the crack of dawn. Depending on your dive style you can really appreciate the more leisurely morning start time.

Climb on board the boat and head out. It’s never more than 15-20 minutes to any dive site and within a short time you are ready to get wet.

Quite often the dive boats will return in between the two morning dives in case some divers only want a one tank dive. With short runs to the dive sites this is a nice option.


Overall, we are quite happy working with Lynn at Sea Saba. They provide our guests with a fun, safe and easy dive vacation.

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