Saba was amazing, different from what we expected. It’s a volcanic island jutting out of the Caribbean. From St. Martin we took a small turbo-prop and landed on a tiny strip shorter than an aircraft carrier.

The island is authentic with Dutch cottages and natives who have lived there for many generations. Because there are no beaches, the specialty is DIVING. The Sabans have protected their reefs and the results are amazing. Volcanic underwater pinnacles host healthy corals and abundant fish life. Frog fish and seahorses were our favorites.

Accommodations at Queens Garden were luxurious, a bit remote from the action on the funky Windward side of the island. But it’s all a cab ride away. All in all, truly an unspoiled Queen.
~ David and Sue Metzner, Founding members since 1999.

Getting There

Getting there in two easy steps:

  1. Fly to St. Maarten
  2. Fly or ferry to Saba

Getting to St. Maarten

To get to Saba your final destination airport is St. Maarten (SXM) if you plan to take the 2 hour ferry or to Saba (SAB) via St. Maarten if you plan to fly.

St. Maarten is quite easy to get to and there are daily from most major USA airports, connecting to non-stop via Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Newark, Charlotte, JFK and San Juan.

servicing St. Maarten include American, Delta, US Air, Spirit, Jet Blue, Continental, United, KLM and Air France.

From St. Maarten, you have two options to get to Saba.

  1. Fly. You can take a quick 12 minute on Winair (WM). There are five flights daily from St. Maarten. You will have luggage restrictions and and a very short runway to land on at Saba. Quite a twelve minute thrill!Jauncho Yrausquin Airport, at Flat Point on Saba, boasts one of the world’s shortest commercial runways at around 1300 feet (400 meters). One of the highlights of your Saban adventure is sure to be the hair-raising landing and takeoff aboard the Dehavilland Twin Otter STOL aircraft that provide air service to Saba. Not to worry though… Saba and Winair are celebrating nearly 50 years of accident-free flight service to Saba’s Airport, says Lynn of Sea Saba.
  2. Ferry. There are two ferries available for a cost of around $100 round trip. The Edge leaves early in the mornings Wed.- Sun (From Simpson Bay/Pelican Marina) so it will require an overnight in St. Maarten. The Dawn II (Tues, Thurs, Sat.) leaves from Great Bay Marina (Chesterfields) at 5:00pm and is about a $20 cab fare from the airport. There may be some luggage restriction on The Edge but I found no restrictions on the Dawn II (a cargo vessel).The ferry takes approximately two hours and is often a rough crossing but grab yourself a couple of Carib beers and enjoy the fresh air! Dawn II The Edge

All transport info available from the saba tourism website at: