Many tourists visit Palau to take boat tours of the beautiful Rock Islands and pay lots of money for these tours.

With Global Diving Adventures you travel each day through the Rock Islands on your way to and from the dive sites at no additional cost and receive the same tour the tourists are paying for. It's hard to come up with the name of a pacific fish that doesn't call the waters of Palau, Peleliu or the Rock Islands themselves home.

Besides the world famous dive sites you can drop in the water anywhere and see the underwater world whether you are a snorkeler or diver. Of course the divers do see things much closer but..... I have found the local dive operators and boat drivers which Global Diving Adventures provides to be the best in the world.

Palau was home to two seasons of "Survivor". The people of Palau and the surrounding islands are unsurpassed! Roberta Skidds, Founding Member since 1999.

Getting There – Palau

Getting to Palau in…well a couple of steps.


  1. Fly to Honolulu
  2. Fly to Guam
  3. Fly to Koror, Palau


  1. Fly to Narita (Tokyo)
  2. Fly to Koror, Palau


  1. Fly to Taipei
  2. Fly to Koror, Palau

Palau is actually easy to get to with full size jets all the way so no worries about luggage beyond normal restrictions.     It is just a long journey….BUT….if you read my blog on what to do on the airplane (or better yet, get my e-book on Easy and Fun Travel Planning) you can easily while away the hours.

Continental who to have a lock on these routes now has some competition!   This means lower fares, more choices and even less stops if you fly with Delta or China .

Your final destination is Koror, Palau (ROR). You can find out of most cities which tie in with major gateways such as Houston, Seattle and LAX.