Magic, pure magic. Some of the most beautiful islands in the world with that South Seas castaway feel only much more luxurious.

The government has done an excellent job protecting the reefs and it really shows.

Did someone say best manta dive in the world???

Getting There

If you want halfway around the world, The Maldives about qualify. It’s about 9600 miles from LA and 8700 from New York. So here’s my thought. If you’ve ever wanted to do an “RTW” an around the world ticket, do it to the Maldives! Since it’s easiest on the body to travel west, then go from LA and continue west all the way around the world!!!

Well, Ok, it’s going to be more expensive….so let’s look at a “normal” ticket.

Getting to Male, Maldives does require a few stops. But what the heck. Your final destination airport is Male, Maldives (MLE)

If you fly from LAX here’s what’s going to happen:

Most Airlines are going to route you east even if you start in LA, so if you want to go west, route through Bangkok (BKK) with Thai Airways.

  1. Fly from LAX to Bangkok.
  2. Fly from Bangkok to Colombo, Sri Lanka (CMB)
  3. Fly the quick 1 1/2 hour flight from Sri Lanka to Male, Maldives

To Fly from New York:

Qatar Airways

  1. Fly from JFK to Doha (DOH)
  2. Fly Doha to Male (no stop in Sri Lanka or change of airlines)



  1. Fly from JFK to Dubai, UAE (DBX) and remember no kissing in public or you’ll go to jail!
  2. Fly from Dubai to Male

WOW, Easy again!

Here’s one I bet you haven’t thought of:

Virgin Atlantic/SriLankan Airlines Combo

  1. Fly JFK to London Heathrow (LHR)
  2. Fly London to Male

And finally, I’ll mention it but never do it…

United Airlines

  1. Fly JFK to Frankfurt, Germany
  2. Fly Frankfurt to King Khaled International in Saudi Arabia
  3. Then onward through the fog to Doha
  4. And lastly……to Male