Away from crowds, No tourist stuff, Relaxing, Peaceful.

Spacious and comfortable cottage duplexes on the sand at Southern Cross Club- our own resort.

Great Diving. Great people. Sunset cruise with sundowners, Biking to visit tithe iguanas and bird sanctuary.

Great Diving. Great people, Great food. Fishes of the Day videos during Happy Hour, Dinner under the stars beside the pool Every Night, Great Diving, Great Friends.

Turkey Day dinner will all the trimmings!

Great Diving, Great people, Perfect vacation, Great Memories.

— Martha Lance, Founding Member since 2005.

Getting There

Getting to Little Cayman is quite easy as is most of the Caribbean. You just get yourself to a hub city like Miami, Atlanta, Newark or Charlotte and hop on down. Let’s take a look.

Your destination airport will be Grand Cayman (GCM) then Cayman Airways to Little Cayman (LYB)

  1. Fly to hub city (see below)
  2. Fly to Grand Cayman
  3. Fly to Little Cayman

And you guessed it….to get your non-stop to Grand Cayman with continuing service on Cayman Airways to Little Cayman, get to:

  • Delta- Atlanta
  • United/US Air – Charlotte, NC
  • American Airlines – Miami
  • Continental – Newark

Don’t forget that ARDUOUS 4 minute ride from the airport in Little Cayman to your hotel. Don’t worry, no stoplights….just watch out for the iguanas in the road!