Raja Ampat is seeing the next generation of luxury diving yachts.

Couple that with over 17,000 islands and unequalled biodiversity and Indonesia is a place you could explore for years.

Scientists are finding new marine species here every year.

The exotic culture on Bali is a don’t miss.

Getting There

Apparently EVERYONE wants to go to Denpassar, Bali because there are 26 airlines that fly there!!!!

So….how do we do it? Your destination airport is Denpassar, Bali (DPS).

EASY……I LOVE Kayak.com and it gives me instant pricing and itinerary information. Like many destinations in the Pacific, there are hubs which will point you to your destination. I would stick to major like Singapore, American, Delta, Korean, Cathay Pacific, even China who often have great prices. If you have a favorite Pacific hub, great! If you want to see a new city, spend a couple of days, fabulous!

Let’s get down to some examples. First let’s tackle departure from LAX, one of my favorites…why? because I can eat at the Daily Grill in Bradley International Terminal of course!

  1. Singapore . Fly Singapore from LA to Narita (Tokyo) and then Singapore and onward to Bali. You’ll have a long layover in Singapore, you can have a grand time in the airport (seriously!, hotel, gym, pool whatever!) or go see the town.
  2. American . Fly LA to San Franciso on to Hong Kong and then Bali. This time your 15 hour layover is in Hong Kong!
  3. Korean is a SNAP! Fly LA to Seoul, a 45 minute layover and on to Bali, wheee!
  4. China Airlines is also easy, just TWO hops but with a 13 hour layover (overnight) to get you rested. Fly LA to Taipei then on to Bali.
  5. Cathay Pacific. Fly LA to Hong Kong with a 15 hour layover and on to Bali.

See you can get there in just TWO HOPS (okay they’re long hops but you can read War and Peace on the way or all of the Harry Potter , UNINTERRUPTED, except to be served wine and food of course!!

How about Seattle?

Go with Korean Air….again, one hop to Seoul then to Bali with an hour in between, perfect to get you there as quickly as possible and get you in the water!!!

And for those of you on the right coast…..It’s pretty much the same hubs just going out of JFK, no worries!!!!!

Once in Bali

Once in Bali, you can hop domestic carriers or pick up your yacht, depending on the itinerary you are taking.