Diving in the Galapagos with Ridlon and Carin exceeded all expectations.

We knew it would be wonderful, since we have traveled many times with Global Diving Adventures, but were blown away by the density and abundance of sea life in the Pacific.

Ridlon is an excellent guide, and was careful to point out to members of our group that Ruben (El Toro Grande) was NOT to be confused with the whale shark (El Gran Senor)

. We are lucky he and Carin still let us dive with them, since El Toro Grande always runs out of air before everyone else. This is not to mention Marilyn's perpetual mask problems and psychic meltdown during the first Galapagos dive.

In truth, Ridlon and Carin are the only people we were willing to trust with our children when they first learned to dive, years ago in Bonaire. We always have a blast with GDA, both in the water and above.
— Ruben and Marilyn Lemos, Founding Members since 2002.

Getting There

Getting there in two/or three Easy Steps.

  1. Fly to Quito or Guayaquil (your choice, we love Quito)
  2. From Quito fly thru Guayaquil to the Galapagos
  3. Fly direct/non-stop (yeah right, WHERE would you stop?) to Galapagos

Fly to Quito (UIO).

You will overnight here before flying to the islands. Quito is an amazing place to explore!

Your final International destination airport is Quito (UIO) and it is EASILY reached by non-stop from American, Delta and Continental through Miami, Atlanta and Houston respectively. From Miami, it’s a quick 4 hours to reach Quito. Prices are usually very reasonable as well.

Other airlines that fly to Quito from the US include Copa (Miami or Houston) and LAN Ecuador (Miami).


Fly directly to Guayaquil (GYE).

Guayaquil is a port city and there is not much to do here which is why we usually fly to Quito and spend a few days exploring the highlands. American Airlines flies to Guayaquil non stop from Miami. AeroGal, the airlines of the Galapagos now flies JFK to Guyaquil


Fly to Galapagos.

Fly AeroGal or Tame to San Cristobal (SCY) or Baltra (GPS) in the Galapagos depending on your itinerary. If you fly from Quito you’ll take the short flight to Guayaquil, get off while they service the plane, then re-board and hop over to the islands.