Fiji was a most welcome break from the daily struggles in Iraq where I've been since 2004.

Such incomparable beauty among the reefs, on its islands, and with its people.

From close encounters of the best kind with sea life to meetings with local elders (and imbibing in the local brew) and mixing with enthusiastic school children -- it is a place that will remain in memory and to which I shall return with great joy. Cheers!
— Raoul Alcala, Founding Member since 2007.

Getting There – Fiji

Getting there in Two Easy Steps.

  1. Fly from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji
  2. Transfer to your final in country destination
  1. Fly to Nadi.
  2. Your final destination for the best diving in Fiji is Nadi (pronounced Nandi) (NAN). The easiest way to do this is to fly from Los Angeles (LAX) on an easy overnight . Leave at 10:30pm and arrive at 5:30am two days later (over the dateline).

    Personally I think it’s much easier than flying to the Caribbean!

    We recommend flying either Air New Zealand or Air Pacific. If you use a US based carrier you will fly through bizarre places like Honolulu or Auckland which makes no sense at all unless those places are already in your travel plans!

  3. Transfer to your final destination.
  4. We recommend diving at Wananavu Beach Resort if you want a land based vacation. It has access to the magnificent Bligh Waters, top of the charts diving in Fiji. For this, you simply walk out of the airport and your transfer van picks you up for a two hour drive to the resort.

If you choose live-aboard, you will simply take a driving transfer as well.

Wow, how EASY is THIS!!!! Pack my bags, I’m leaving tomorrow!