Destination Review: Dominica Diving

First Thoughts on Dominica

Dominca is located in the windward islands of the Caribbean between Martinique and Guadeloupe and has the well earned nickname of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.  You would be hard pressed to find an island throughout the Caribbean that combines the adventure opportunities both below and above the water that you can find in Dominica with it’s unspoiled character.  It has some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean with healthy, vibrant reefs, waterfall hikes, nature walks, kayaking, snorkeling and local markets.  Dominca is also home to a large number of cetaceans including one of the world’s most approachable resident pods of sperm whales!

Why We Think Dominca Rocks or Doesn’t

Because its old school Caribbean and has maintained a natural character with healthy reefs.  You could spend weeks on Dominica and not see everything there is to see.  Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage listed park.

Things that Rock

  • great old school Caribbean feel
  • nature island with a huge number of adventure activites
  • healthy reefs protected by two different marine reserves
  • great whale watching or even whale snorkeling
  • interesting local markets

Things that Don’t

  • no direct flights from the US (you come through Puerto Rico or a neighboring island)
  • good beaches mostly limited to the northeast of the island

Dominca Diving

There are a couple of different diving areas in Dominica but most of the diving is done along the south west coast in the Scott’s Head Marine Reserve or in the north west in the Cabrits Marine Reserve.  All dive sites have permanent moorings and the diving is incredibly varied with everything from towering vertical walls, to pristine coral gardens to black sand muck diving.  Because the waters off the island plunge to extreme depths, the chance to see pelagics off Dominica is greater than most of the Caribbean.

Some of our favorite Dominica SCUBA diving sites include:

Scott’s Head Pinnacle and Scott’s Head Drop Off– two of the island’s don’t miss, signature dives.  An underwater crater rim forms a walls covered with lush growth.  Drop offs are dramatic.

L’Abym – an easy dive on a dramatic wall that plunges into the abyss.

Soufriere Pinnacles – a group of pinnacles at the end of L’Abym that are rich in coral, sponges and rarer critters like seahorses and frogfish.

Moutain Top – a rarely visited pinnacle on the Atlantic side only accessible when the sea is calm.  An advanced dive with a pinnacle abounding in life that starts at 60 feet.  Strong currents make this an advanced dive.

Our Favorite Things to Do Out of the Water

We believe in Surf and Turf checking out the best of underwater AND on land. It just so happens that most of the worlds best SCUBA diving destinations have other amazing things going for them in addition to kick ass diving. Don’t miss it.

  • Hike to Victoria Falls, Sari Sari Falls, Emerald Pool, Boiling Lake or Trafalgar Falls – Dominica is incredibly rich in natural wonders and is a World Heritage Site.
  • Go Whale Watching – Because the waters off the island plunge to extreme depths very close to shore, Dominica is a prime place for cetacean watching
  • Snorkel with Sperm Whales– AMAZING!  Dominica has a year round resident population of sperm whales and is the best place in the world to be able to get in the water with these leviathans.
  • Take a Nature Hike – weeks worth of hiking with fantastic plant life, birding and vistas.
  • Walk the Local Markets. Population 150….this shouldn’t take long but can result in great stories!

Dominica Seasonality

Dominica enjoys the same seasonality as most of the Caribbean and is located inside the hurricane belt. June 1 to Nov. 1 is officially hurricane season and generally they arrive later within this window.  Summer is warmer and more humid with Jan – April typically being more windy.


Dominca diving is one of our favorite Caribbean destinations; reefs are healthy, the walls are dramatic, visibility is good and the diving is generally easy. There are more than enough sites to keep you busy for a week or more of diving. Dominica has a great, laid back vibe and enough soft adventure to keep you busy for weeks.

Sharkman and Mantagirl give Dominica

Two Fins UP

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