This is a must for Turkey Day in the Tropics 2011. Come on along, it's going to be a great week of fun, sun and diving!

Getting There – Curacao

Getting There in Two Easy Steps from the USA


Even though Curacao is at the bottom of the Caribbean, its still just a couple of stops away.

Your destination airport is Hato International and the code is (CUR).  AA definitely has this place sewn up though Insel , based in Curacao is making a small move into the market.  The easiest thing to do is get yourself to Miami and hop on the American .  Or if you fly US Air you can hop to Charlotte and connect with Insel.  This service is just beginning June 22nd so check with US Air on the flight days and times.

  1. American Airlines -2 daily non-stop flights from Miami
  2. US Air/Insel Air -This new airline services Curacao via Charlotte and in partnership with US Air and begins service June 22, 2011

Try to avoid stops in the other ABC islands like Aruba and Bonaire on interisland airlines as this increases you chance of lost luggage about a gazillion times!