"Our time in Bonaire was one of the most satisfying and restful of our family dive adventures with Global Dive Expeditions.

The hotel accommodations were superb, and the restaurant was enlivened by a colony of tame iguanas.

The island tours of the salt mines, flamingo marshes, and highlands (fresh goat, anyone?) were a well-planned complement to the underwater experiences.

There is truly something for everyone in Bonaire."

— Richard and Anne Marie Harris, Founding Members since 2005.

Getting There – Bonaire

Even though Bonaire is at the bottom of the Caribbean, its still just a couple of away.

The major US carriers operate to Bonaire so lets check them out by : Your final destination airport is Bonaires Flamingo Airport (BON)

  1. Delta
    1. 1 weekly non-stop from Atlanta
    2. 1 weekly non-stop flight from JFK (during the high season)
  2. Continental
    1. 1 weekly non-stop flight from Newark
    2. 1 weekly non-stop flight from Houston (2 flights during the high season)
  3. Insel Air
    1. This new airline services Bonaire either non-stop from Miami or with one stop in Curacao.
  4. American Airlines
    1. American flies from Miami to Curacao and then you can catch the Insel, Divi Divi or DAE flight. (We DO NOT recommend this as DAE and Divi are known for delays and bag losses- Yes, I know its only a 20 minute flight HOW can they lose bags….but they do….often!)