The Sardine Run off South Africa is the marine equivalent of the massive wildebeest migration that takes place annually in Africa.

It should be on everyone's lifelist as it's the opportunity to get into the water with more fish, dolphins, sharks and even whales than any other place on the .

Its a scene right out of Earth or Nat Geo as sardine shoals that can be miles long and look like a gray, impenetrable wall underwater that is disrupted as schools of sharks and pods of dolphins blast through it and come out on the far side with mouth's full of sardines. It's wild and woolly diving!

Getting There

Durban, South Africa – Sardine Run

Getting there in as little as two easy steps (from LAX or NYC)

You can get to South Africa from the US easy in two steps or you can take a gazillion steps and make it hard. I don’t know……I think I choose EASY! Again, if you’re close to the west coast, fly west…it’s SO much easier on the jetlag. Here are a couple of options.

Your final destination airport is Durban (DUR), South Africa via Johannesburg (JNB)

From New York:

  1. Fly from JFK- 15 hrs to Johannesburg (JNB)
  2. Fly 1:10 to Durban (DUR)

Or from Miami:

  1. MIA- I would catch a to JFK then pick up the above routing. Otherwise you go through Washington DC, and London to Johannesburg

How about the west coast?

  1. Fly from LAX- through Dubai (DBX) on Emirates 15 hrs
  2. Fly Dubai direct, non stop to Durban 8 hrs

Or from Seattle:

  1. Fly SEA to London Heathrow 9:25 hrs
  2. Fly Heathrow Johannesburg 11:00 hrs
  3. Fly Johannesburg to Durban 1:10 hrs

Or catch a to LAX and pick up that itinerary.