Sardine Run SCUBA Adventure in South Africa


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First Thoughts

Africa of course is not a singular destination but a continent where a lifetime’s worth of exploration is to be found. Our focus is diving the Sardine Run off Durban, South Africa, known as the greatest shoal on Earth. However, while in the “area”, there are other killer things to do as well. Check them out below. My thought is always to combine a diving safari with a traditional African land safari. That is seriously kick ass.

Why We Think the Sardine Run and South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana and Namibia Rock or Don’t

That’s a monster of a list South Africa’s incredible game reserves, wine country and Capetown’s cool vibe; mountain climbing and the greatest land migration in the world in Tanzania and Kenya, Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Namibia’s dunes and desert parks. There’s a wildness here only surpassed by Antarctica. You could spend months

Things that Rock …

  • biggest, big marine animal show on earth that’s the Sardine Run
  • combine with classic land safari and/or climb of Kilimanjaro for must do in-your-life experience
  • do you really need more than that?

Things that Don’t …

  • can be hit or miss the sardine run doesn’t run every year
  • for more advanced divers only

The Diving

The sardine run off Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa may be the largest animal migration on the planet rivaling the great wildebeest migration – and a swirling mass of high voltage diving. Thousands of sharks, dolphins, whales, sailfish and other predators congregate to feed on enormous shoals of sardines that can reach over 4 miles in length and mile wide containing millions of fish. We get psyched just thinking about it. It is one of the greatest natural phenomena’s on planet Earth. And on a good day, this can be the most wickedly bad ass diving on the planet.

An estimated 18,000 dolphins serve as sardine wranglers, pushing the sardines into bait balls that are 50 feet in diameter or larger. Once the bait ball is compressed, bronze whalers, dusky sharks spinner sharks, Zambezi sharks, blacktip sharks, king mackerel, sailfish and a mass of birds make slashing passes through the sardines, emerging on the backside with a mouthful of fish. This wild action lasts for 10 minutes and then once the baitball is consumed, the predators are off to catch up with the massive sardine shoal again.

We base ourselves out of the Port St. John area, right on the South African coast north of Durban. Each AM is an early morning launch from the beach in our RIB (Zodiac) and we head out to look for the passing sardine shoals. We find the sardines by looking for large flocks of seabirds hovering over the water and also use an ultra light aircraft for spotting to ensure the best chance of finding the shoals. We’re out on the water typically from about 7:30am until 2:00pm and the action is dictated by whatever we find. Often, it’s a series of shorter dives, in the water for 10 minutes or less, as the shoals swim past with hordes of predators in tow. Then back out, catch up and back in for another amazing spectacle. In the afternoons, there are walks, scenic drives, ultra light flights or just chill out. Evenings, we gather around the lodge with a glass of South African wine and enjoy the African nights. That’s our kinda adventure.

Our Favorite Things to Do “Out of the Water”

We believe in Surf and Turf checking out the best of underwater AND on land. It just so happens that most of the worlds best SCUBA diving destinations have other amazing things going for them in addition to kick ass diving. The adventure comes in abundance here. Don’t even think about missing it.

  • Dive Dive Dive- Scuba Diving in South Africa is our favorite thing to do!
  • Mt. Meru –A gem of a mountain which is often ignored by trekkers who only seem intent on climbing Kili. Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania at 4,565 meters. A great warm up trek for the big one – Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Climb Mt Kenya- Take the technical Shipton’s route up Mt. Kenya (5.5-5.8), the second highest mountain in Africa. Must be an experienced rock climber. Can also be done as a trek by a different route but not to the tippy top!
  • Take a Walking Safari. The picture that you don’t see of riding the safaris is the 10 or more other vehicles crowded around yours. Get out and walk it.
  • Ballooning during the Great Migration. The Serengeti National Park is the only one who currently offers balloon safaris. During the Great Migration this will be an amazing highlight of your trip to Africa.
  • Okavango Delta by Canoe. Ok, this is in Botswana but hey it’s a must do. Camp on the delta and go by canoe. Talk about being WITH nature. Check out Oddballs Camp.
  • South Africa Wine Region. With 13 regions to choose from and a signposted wine route.
  • Dive with Great Whites. The western cape offers the opportunity to cage dive with the MacDaddy shark of them all! The great white diving is probably better at Isla Guadalupe in Mexico because the visibility is better there but why not do both?
  • Surfing. Ok, now that you’ve dived with Great Whites….it will give you something to think about while you’re lying on your board! Hit Supertubes off of Port Elizabeth, considered some of the best right hand breaks in the world.
  • Whale watch in Hermanus. Join in the Whale festival at the end of Sept. This marks the yearly arrival of the southern right whales to Walker’s Bay.

South Africa and Sardine Run Seasonality

Seasons in Africa are opposite to the northern hemisphere.
Summers can get quite hot especially around Durban and KwaZulu-Natal where summer rains make it humid and muggy. The winters are generally mild with maybe a dusting of snow on higher elevations.
You can go to South Africa any time but depending on what activities you are planning there are better times then others. For example:

  • Sardine Run – June/July (mostly June)
  • Safari – dry season (June-Sept)
  • Rafting – rainy season (Dec.-Feb)
  • Flowers – Spring (August – Sept)
  • Whale Watching- June-December)
  • Climbing Mt. Kili – (June-October and January-Mid-March)

Note: Most South Africans will plan their vacations during mid-December to the end of January so hotels book up quickly during that time.


This is really kind of one of those bucket list things. Africa can be a pretty magical place. Combine that with one of the greatest natural events on the planet and that has kick ass written all over it. If you didn’t notice, we’re kind of stoked about it.

Sharkman and Mantagirl give Sardine Run 2 Fins Up

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