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Meet the Founders, Sharkman & Mantagirl

Scuba diving adventures

Sharkman & Mantagirl

Wildly passionate about the Ocean and everything to do with it:

  • members of the prestigious Explorers Club,
  • expedition leaders on all 7 continents and over 100 countries,
  • founders of Ocean of Hope Foundation – a non profit charity for ocean conservation.  Find out more at: Our Cause
  • Platinum Pro 5000 membership,
  • American Airlines Ultimate Road Warrior,
  • authors of Travel Like a Pro and acclaimed keynote speakers,
  • fortunate enough to have logged over 12,500 dives all over this amazing blue planet and hopeless, lifelong dive junkies.

We share a life of passion through adventure, underwater exploration and a little red wine at the end of the day.  Join us!

Global Diving Adventures – About Us

Since 1998, Global Diving Adventures (GDA) has been hand-crafting extraordinary diving adventures all over the globe.  We’ve been there, dived the sites, stayed at the resorts, checked out the accommodations, met the management and staff and vetted the diving operation.  And we’re here to share that level of experience and all out passion for diving and travel with you – either on a guided diving adventure or through independent dive travel.

On our guided diving adventures, you gain the benefit of having the world’s top expedition leaders and marine naturalists by your side.

Most Important – What The Tribe Says

Once you’ve traveled with GDA, you’re part of The Tribe.  And it’s the people that have adventured with GDA for  over a decade that say it best:

GDA has always meant an extraordinary adventure to us.  We know we can count on going to a unique spot with great accommodations and fantastic diving.  It is a time to bond with good friends that we have met over the years on trips that have the same passions as we do:  to have an experience away from the ordinary.  ~ Mike & Marcia M. Camarillo CA

The GDA way means meticulous pre-planning, personal attention, excellent accommodations and meals, and the best dive sites on the Blue Planet.  Diving with whale sharks in the Galapagos was the highlight of our travels in the world.” ~ Richard and Ann Marie H. Reno NV

The GDA way means the total reliable experience.  That includes the planning, attention to detail, hands on control, problem solving, hand holding, emphasis on safety, and a great time.  We have had occasion, sometimes of our own creation, to test and be the beneficiaries of your ability to make things happen and get us out of trouble.  ~ David and Sue M. New Orleans LA.

We always looked at GDA as a way to go to exotic dive locals without the worry of picking the wrong dive operators, resort etc. Your trips were upscale enough to provide comfort for non-divers or casual divers and yet provided plenty of diving for the hardcore types. Hard to find that combination. You are also highly competent and very experienced dive leaders without the macho BS found so often in dive operators.  ~ Chris and Vicki B. LaCrosse WI.

I think the most important thing is that you are always diving with friends.  The first time you take a GDA trip you are new but quickly after that you are a friend.  I enjoy seeing all the repeat divers and making friends with them.  Even to the point that we see each other when not on dive trips.  I like the way everyone has different jobs in real life but we all come together on your dive trips.  Of course our fearless leaders fall into the diving with friends catagory.  The personal attention is important as well as selecting the perfect locations and local dive groups.  I don’t think any of us would like to take a vacation and not have everything right that you guys have already checked out and prepared for us.  ~ Gordon and Roberta S. Jackson NJ.

To us, the most important thing about GDA is the two of you – you make us feel that we are traveling with trusted friends.  And the “trusted” part is so important.  Your impeccable attention to detail with respect to diving safety is critical for Ruben and me.  We also appreciate your patience; we are well aware that we are not as experienced as many of the other divers on your trips.  With unfailing good cheer you make sure we are safe.  I will always be appreciative of your encouragement and skillful teaching during my difficult orientation dive in the Galapagos, Ridlon.  We love being able to rent your up to date equipment.  2.  GDE offers a complete learning and touring experience.  Examples are the marine conservation lectures in Bonaire, and the amazing inland tour in Ecuador, complete with fire breathing shaman.  Ruben and I love to travel, love history, love other cultures.  We want to do more than dive.  3.  Lastly, the luxury is always nice.  ~ Ruben and Marilyn L. Houston TX.

Everything is taken care of so all I have to do is have fun.  Fun diving with friends, no worries.  ~ Dave and Renee W. Park City UT.

To us, the GDA way means: fun, individualized, educational, exciting, spoiled, friendships and away from it all.  ~ Lee and Liz R.  Fayetteville NC.

Independent vs Guided Dive Travel

If you prefer independent travel or simply can’t make the dates of our guided adventures, you can still benefit from our intimate knowledge of an area and great relationship with resorts, yachts and dive operators.  We can take care of setting up your vacation in one of our preferred resorts with one of our hand picked dive operators.  We give you all the insight and super secret knowledge we have on the area!  We know the best rooms at each resort or on each yacht, best times of year for each area, best places to go check out when you dry off for the day, best divemasters and other “don’t miss” stuff.

On our guided diving adventures, you gain the benefit of having the world’s top expedition leaders and marine naturalists by your side plus traveling with a small group of fun, interesting and cool people.

Still Here and Reading?  Wow, You Deserve a Bonus

So here is our mini-manifesto, what we live by:

  • We believe in meticulous pre-planning, attention to detail and an emphasis on safety.
  • We believe that travel is the best way to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure – Every year.
  • We believe that you should be free from the worries of vetting dive operators, restaurants, boats and resorts because there is a lot of things no one can see, smell or taste over the internet.
  • We believe just because we roughed it in college, we shouldn’t have to now.
  • We believe that we should come back with more than we left – and not just in our luggage.
  • We believe that we should get to know the local people’s wherever we go. If we want everything to be just like at home, we should stay home.
  • We believe in leaving things better than when we found them and giving back.
  • We believe that the best way to live an extraordinary life is through adventure.