Costa Rica – Crackin’ Food!

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May 17, 2010

What can one say about Costa Rica? The people are as warm and sunny as the weather, the sea is as calm and serene as the inside of a church and the food will make you sit up and take notice. Of course, all three are intertwined in such a way as to be inseparable. The people of Costa Rica take their love of the sea from recreation to consumption. It’s the place where they go to relax, but it’s also the place that provides them with their livelihood in so many ways, from providing food for the table, to money for clothing from tourism and the fishing industry. And the warmth and generosity of these people come through in the food that they create. Imagine this you are at an outstandingly beautiful eco friendly resort in the middle of the rain forest in Costa Rica, on the edge of the ocean, and you aren’t feeling well. The resort staff quickly cooks up the most amazingly fresh soup for you that sets you right in no time, and off you go to enjoy the pleasures of the sea that Costa Rica offers.

With so many things, from the people to the weather, working in its favor, Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to go diving. The unpretentious manner of the country as a whole, as well as the fact that it has not yet become one of the “popular” diving sites in the world (for recreational divers) mean that it is relatively easy to find almost untouched or undisturbed area’s in which to see the awesome natural beauty that this country offers.

One of the most awesome areas in Costa Rica for diving is Cocos Island. This stunning national park is an uninhabited except for the national park rangers that are allowed to live and work there. Tourists and divers are only allowed on the island with advance permission and are not allowed to collect any nature “souvenirs”. With an ecological character all its own, Cocos Island offers divers such sights as hammerhead sharks, rays, and other large and small ocean species. In their natural habitat, these sea creatures thrive and live, despite Cocos Island fast becoming one of the most popular dive sites for serious divers.

Of course, when in Costa Rica, do as the Costa Ricans, and drink and eat local. It’s a slow food movement of necessity, a locavore culture by need. Costa Ricans consume things that are available to them locally, not only because imported items are few and far between, but also exorbitantly expensive, and their local goods are just so much better than anything that can be imported. What better to go with the local food than the local beer? Imperial beer is of course the locally made brew of choice. Despite the name, Bavaria is also a very good local beer.

Of course, having been there and done that many times Carin and Ridlon lead some most amazing Global Dive Trips to Costa Rica, and can point you in the direction of some of the best food and drink around! If you love rice and beans, Costa Rican food will be right up your alley. Of course, rice and beans aren’t the only foods. Comida Tipica, or the national cuisine, offers everything from the freshest and most amazing fruits and vegetables to awesome meats and other things that can only be gotten there. Favorite dishes are anything from Arroz con Polo to Garbanzo beans and pork. It’s all there, ripe for picking!

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