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Caribbean Belize

Belize is both an underwater and a topside paradise, wild and wooly all the way. But...we live in luxury at Coppola\'s resort, Blancaneaux and the remote Turneffe Island Lodge

Caribbean Bonaire

You can\'t ever go wrong spending a week in Bonaire...a true Caribbean diver\'s playground! From beautiful sunsets to flamingos to great friends!

Costa Rica

sharks, whales...more sharks and GREAT DIVING!

Famous People

Us with some of our favorite famous people including Frances Ford Coppola, Phillippe Cousteau, Sylvia Earle, Jim Fowler, Jane Goodall and the infamous and hilarious Stan Waterman


The soft coral capital of the world, Fiji is the kaleidoscope of color of the underwater world. There is NO place like it on Earth. You\'ve simply gotta come!


One of the world\'s greatest destinations above and below the water, Galapagos packs a punch every time. Whale sharks, hammerheads, turtles, mantas, sharks sharks and sharks along with 44 endemics, it\'s all here!


The Damai, the most luxurious yacht in the coral triangle and the amazing world of Indonesia.

Little Cayman

After a delay of an entire year due to a hurricane, we finally made it to Little Cayman. It was a Thanksgiving to remember!


You want big, it\'s here. You want small, it\'s here. You want friendly people, it\'s here. You want birds and snakes and monkeys and and and and\'s here! Where are you?


The place of blue water dreams! And MANTAS!

Ocean of Hope

Started in January 2009, Ocean of Hope works worldwide to provide infrastructure to village schools overseas and education to kids here in the USA. We are creating a new generation of ocean stewards!


The diversity of Palau is unbelievable, from Blue Corner to Jellyfish Lake and from the tiny mandarin fish to the gorgeous Rock Islands. Yes, you CAN have it all!

Papua New Guinea

Doesn\'t look like we had ANY fun here....from the underwater chicken to the purple wigs and the SingSing...


A few shots of beautiful Saba, the Queen of the Caribbean. Just a short distance from St. Maarten but a whole different animal in beauty and serenity.

Tahiti and Bora Bora

There is no place on the blue planet that captures our hearts like Tahiti. The lush green mountains, the crystal blue water, the bright yellow butterflyfish and the beautiful, kind, magnificent people. It\'s all here.

St. Vincent

The Caribbean\'s best critter diving! It\'s all here, the batfish, the frogfish, he chain moray, the snake eels, the seahorses and don\'t forget Young Island\'s FAB resort and the great friends who join us there!

Truk Lagoon

Relive the history of WWII at one of the world\'s most famous wreck diving locations in Micronesia.

Rangiroa and Fakarava

Heaven on Earth, Amazing Blue water and a True South Sea Paradise!