And so it begins……

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September 2, 2009

We sat down to breakfast this morning in our ½ star Kathmandu hotel, to western style omelets, sausage, toast, and tea. And then they dropped 4 rolls of toilet paper on the table….napkins of course. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto! Welcome to Nepal!

Our Expedition leader, a famous climber named Dan Mazur, began his “no whiners” speech as we tore through the breakfast and picked pieces of tp off our finger tips. 20 climbers about to face the biggest challenge of their lives, reaching for a dream, pushing the edges of both fear and endurance. An 8000 meter peak awaits and nature has no agenda and plays no favorites. Dan spoke of the three most important factors in mountaineering. Safety, Fun and Success, the importance in that exact order. The summit, while the goal, is not worth it if safety and fun are compromised.

He then reminded us that everything and anything can go wrong. Our plan was to leave at 4:00am to drive to the border of Nepal and Tibet. A drive that can take 4 or 20 hours, depending on….well….everything…including the condition of the road and the will of the Gods. Then, just 2 hours later we were informed that a strike was to happen on the border at dawn. A quick change of plan and we will now depart at 11:00pm and drive through the night to reach the border by dawn in time, hopefully to beat the strike.

We were reminded this is not a camping trip but a climbing expedition, expect the unexpected. We were also informed that we were climbers not tourists, pack what will keep you alive on the mountain and forget fashion. And most importantly for the team is that we are exactly that, a team. We work together, we get along, we help each other, we are kind or we fail.

Please follow our expedition at or and click on the Cho Oyu expedition. We will update as often as possible via sat phone to our blog, twitter and facebook. However, please expect there may be a period of even weeks when we will not be able to post. We expect the summit attempt to happen around the 5th of October.

Until then, stay well and keep the adventure spirit alive in whatever you do,

Namaste, Carin and Ridlon

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    Is mantagirl back to a vegetarian brekfast?

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