And Away We Go!!!

by: admin
August 28, 2009

Let the adventure begin! Mantagirl JUST couldn’t stand the thought of Sharkman on an adventure without her. Sooooooo 4 days ago, she booked a flight to Nepal to join him.

Sharkman has been training for months for his high altitude climb which will take courage, stamina and endurance. He has been running, climbing, biking and lifting to reach the summit at 26,000 ft and his dream. Mantagirl’s training has been a bit different, one month of eating lettuce at sea level holding a camera on her shoulder has been her hard core workout. Fortunately, she will stop at only 18,000 ft…. WHAT???? 18,000 feet…hmmmmm better put more than lettuce in the tank for that one!

Watch for updates from Kathmandu beginning in just a couple of days…photos….blogs….video and more!!!

Safe Adventuring out there!

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