Amazing Seas Book Event

by: admin
December 17, 2009

As digital photography has swept through the world it has revolutionized shooting underwater. The days of rolling film or saving the last couple of shots for the hopeful denizen of the deep at a safety stop are long over. E6 is now just a dive site in Fiji and being able to review, adjust and delete at 50 feet is the norm.

But underwater photographers still want to be published and not just on their own websites that their family and friends follow. So the idea came to us to bring together shooters from across the world to create a coffee table book and BE PUBLISHED.

We are totally stoked to be putting together the first ever Amazing Seas Book Event. The plan is to get shooters together every 12-18 months, shoot in the world’s most “amazing” places and create a definitive book on the area. We just thought it sounded like a fun project that has an end result of which the divers can be proud.

Since we are all about giving back, part of the proceeds will go to the non-profit organization, Ocean of Hope and ultimately I hope to present this book to the Prime Minister of Malaysia to encourage the protection of marine areas and show that the world values their reefs intact.

I can’t WAIT for next fall to get this first of many books rolling to show off the talents of underwater shooters and encourage reef protection around the world.

To the world below! Mantagirl

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