20,000 feet and going strong!

by: admin
May 16, 2009

12 hours after my last post, I got word from Sharkman and here is what he had to say about his day at the office!

“down safely from Lobouche East and what an amazing experience!!!!!!!!!!! we got up at 2am and set out at 3am under a half moon that was so bright that all the 6000m and 7000m peaks showed around us. climb normally takes about 8hrs rt but took us over 12. very challenging snow conditions. very challenging climb. we stopped 100meters short of the summit. there was a crevasse with unstable ice bridge and then iffy snow conditions on a knife edged ridge between false and true summit. didn’t get back down to base camp until almost 5pm. weather was amazing clear until about noon when we were at the false summit then started to deteriorate. what a day!!!!!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Carin and Ridlon,
    Amazing pictures !!! (of both of you).
    I have seen Ridlon under water but never near the top of the world.
    Cant wait to learn more.

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