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September 12, 2009

we have arrived at advanced base camp (abc) at 19,200 feet. given the journey so far, its hard to believe that the climb really starts here. this will be our semi permanent home for the next three weeks as we make our runs up the mountain. we traveled from the bustle of kathmandu on an all night ride through the mountains of nepal, leaving at midnight to avoid a strike that would have closed down the roads. we are still in the monsoon season as evidenced by the river crossings and landslides we passed. finally, a giant landslide engulfed the road and we had to trek the rest of the way to the tibetan (chinese) border where they carefully scanned for anything that had to do with the dali lama. then to nyla and tingri on our way up onto the tibetan plateau. a vast expanse of powerful plains surrounded by mountains and averageing 12,500 feet in elevation. from there to chinese base camp and we began our acclimatizing process – the goal of which is to support our bodies in adapting to an environment that would kill the average person in minutes. so its up and down. climb high, sleep low. keep climbing. eventually sleep high and then repeat the process all over again. we are encamped on a lateral morraine – an enormous, skyscraper high pile of rock originally deposited here by the masses of ice that surround us. right now, i’m listening to nirvana on iTunes while the boys are playing uno. today we have a mercifully sunny day so it was laundry day as well. thats after our climbing training on the steep ice this morning. such is life in abc. tomorrow we have our Puja – a very important ceremony where we and our nepalese sherpas give respect and gratitude to the god that lives on the mountain and brings all us climbers good luck. only after the puja are we allowed to begin advancing up the mountain. first a trek up 2300 feet to camp one and then back down to abc to sleep. then back up to camp one for an overnight. more later. hope all is well in your part of the world. i am surrounded by a world of rock, ice, snow and towering peaks that reach toward the moon. Its an awesome place.

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