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September 4, 2009

After spending two days in the din of Kathmandu sorting, compiling, testing and packing over 4000 kilos of gear and food, we were prepared for a 4AM departure that unexpectedly became an 11PM the night before departure when we found out at the last minute about an impending strike on the road from Kathmandu to Tibet. The drive from Kathmandu to the border takes “from 4 to 20 hours depending on floods, landslides, guys with AK47s and such. 24 hours and several landslides later, we have arrived in Nylam – barely passing, with spinning tires, the last landslide that could have delayed us for another all-nighter on our bus full of climbers and gear. An outpost beyond the middle of nowhere surrounded by marauding peaks, it seems like the perfect start to our expedition. More later :)

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  1. DaddiO says:

    The bus looks new and quite modern.

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